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Two weeks or so.

Havent been here for quite some time. But now that im loading my shuffle , I guess I have all the time i possibly could need...

Yesterday when I went to the rehearsal space there was a moist surprise waiting for me . As I opened the door that leads to the playing space I was surprised to feel the air as damp as it was outside (Outside it was raining like hell). I flicked the lights on and saw a good two inches of water on the floor ,
and there was plenty more dripping off the ceiling . I was relieved to see that the room inside was not soaked because its been built `bout one foot off the floor . So I left my guitar and the rail there and went home to fetch another gtr. I Came back and started learning songs from Bluesounds Black album.

I spent a good two hours getting the songs together,then Joona came by for some guitar lessons . with a tenpack of beer. Hence the need for two guitars,
We started jamming on some chords sequences i came up with, after that I taught him some scales and tried to teach him how to use them to hit the notes he hears,instead of just dumbly playing the scales back forth .

After a while we were joined by his brother, who had something like fifteen beers on him, and was pretty plastered all ready. He was asking if i could sing and would i be possibly be interested in a steady solo gig in some restaurant he works at, Aw thanks but ill pass. The night ended with me supplying them backing music for some "drunken karaoke" type of singing.

As I walked home I cursed the fact that i had less than four hours to sleep till morning. Today I got some more experience on how to glue a broken headstock back together, first I cut and sanded some pieces of wood that I used to pry some of the bigger cracks apart so I could get some glue in the cracks. then i mixed up some epoxy and set out to glue the headstock back together,used some pressurised air blowglue in the cracks .then applied pressure with some clamps.

Im starting to feel mighty tired

Last week we had the whole week devoted to making of all sorts of musical instruments including whistles ,flutes , some stringed oldschool folk instruments. (Maybe) Ill write about this later cause i suddenly feel very uninspired.

Since my previous entry Ive spent every evening cept maybe three or four at the rehearsal space. Ill make a list of the people ive played with just for future reference to myself




-4.Mika and his greasy haired friend



I ve had so much fun playing every day,and also my singing has improved lots. Been thinking about the issues that people have towards singing.
and how it was hard to just start doing it in front of some friends but, music feels much better if someones singing. Also the song structures make more sense when you hear parts in their right context .
Ive found in the past that if you want something done,you should do it yourself. I was starting to get very pissed off about the way people play but now i guess we are heading towards the right direction. so far weve done a few stooges songs, some vines songs and a couple of chili peppers song and Especially some Melrose songs Like their great cover of the Patti Smith(oh btw ive got a ticket to see her at the end of this summer)song Rockn roll Nigger,which in case someone wonders is not a racist song,dut deals more on castouts of the society and how people are looked down on being rocknroll people, -as in rocknroll nigger. But then again,I might be wrong. to prove me wrong, search the lyrics from the net and comment on this.... Like I Really Think Anyones even going to bother reading this....The melrose songs just contain some weird energy in them. We jammed on some nirvana songs one day with lauri just so that i could scream and yell better... ill elaborate on this later...

Okay off to bed ,got a field trip to a mine ahead of me tomorrow... the time is 01 43 after midnight

and i got stooges ,bluesounds, an some more stooges uploaded onto the pod

R O b E Rt

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