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How about you ?

I once started writing about all stuff I go through every day. While it felt that nothing worth of interest happened to me, I kept writing anyway. I wrote for two months or so. Few weeks ago I read my notes and saw much more in the words than I had when I wrote them.

So I guess Ill try my best to write more often.

Hi everyone on my short but great friends list,if you have nothing better to do you could write about...
How are you ? What have YOU been upto while i was away ?
would be nice to know you a little better. including you dear sister.

Had i remembered how, i would placed a cut here, cause im going to ramble some senseless stuff about music.
so feel free to stop here.

Couple of weeks ago we played with a trumpet player whose name was Frank. hearing a trumpet just brought a stupid happy grin to mine and Mikas face . we kept telling him how cool it sounded like... to the point of him looking more than a little annoyed. The guy who played drums ,Joona, brought Frank along. J.was acting funny that evening,talking all the time,repeating stupid stuff constantly and so on. and he also brought lots of beer for himself and offered nothing to Frank,who had none,who looked more than a little left out so I offered him some. J. also suggested that I should buy a bass amplifier cause there isnt any. mind you I ve brought the two guitar amps that we use. also the guy suggested that he could use some time alone on the drums in our space. So now my dilemma is how to continue playing with Frank and forget the J.problem or at least heavily modify his manners.Cause believe me he is ANNOYING !

Have a nice day tomorrow

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