homesick robert (homesick_robert) wrote,
homesick robert

Life less ordinary, from now on. . .

I got a ipod shuffle today from my dad . Im feeling pretty stoked about tomorrow, cause the one time ive previously listened to music on headphones, I almost got hit by a car. Because the feelings i get from being surrounded by music are so overwhelming.

Today i chiseled a new bridge for an old acoustic guitar , and I spent most of the day being pissed off. Because I have
to communicate with some proper annoying people . and also i flunked my entry to the glorious world of architecture. but what amazes me is that I havent got any feelings about it, no regret, no sadness no happiness, nothing. Which is something I like ,because I tend to brood on stupid things that i havent got any control of anyway.

I feel a little bad because Ive spent the last three days trying to persuade my friend outside to play music eventhough he has this massive exams week going on at his school. But he is one of those wonderful people who can put work over fun,which is something i plan on getting better at.

ive written down most of my life (at least the bits i do remember) since the previous entry ,and am gonna write them here when i find the time, also i got some pictures of my seahorse woodsculpture from the window where it was on exhibition(Thank you dear Sister !). Which ill post when i learn how to use photobucket.

Ill disappear now and come back some other time.
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